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Topsoil, Dirt &  Mixes

Bulk  pricing is per cubic yard.  Pick up trucks and single axle trailers are loaded on a flate rate (minimum) basis, priced according to product. (see product descriptions below.)  Flat rate meaning we will load your truck or trailer with all it can carry. There is no minimum purchase required on delivered loads.
Screened Standard Topsoil - $20

Good all-around screened topsoil. Less organic matter than our premium topsoil.

Pickup Truck Flat Rate: $40

Screened Premium Topsoil - $26

Best all-around screened topsoil. More nutrient-rich than our standard topsoil.

Pickup Truck Flat Rate: $50

Screened Premium Plus Topsoil - $32

A three-way blend of our screened premium topsoil, sand, and nutrient-rich compost. It is a great soil for lawns, flower beds, shrubs, trees and gardens.

Pickup Truck Flat Rate: $50

Screened Bedding Mix - $42

A 5-way blend of our screened premium topsoil, nutrient-rich compost, pumice, soil conditioner and sand. A fantastic nutrient rich soil that is great for vegetable gardens, flower gardens and planter boxes.

Pickup Truck Flat Rate: $60

Screened Fill Dirt - $13

Fill dirt that has been screened. (no rocks or sticks larger than the size of a pea)

Pickup Truck Flat Rate: $30

Unscreened Fill Dirt - $6

Unscreened fill dirt.

Pickup Truck Flat Rate: $20

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