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Other Products

Bulk  pricing is per cubic yard unless otherwise indicated. Pick up trucks and single axle trailers are loaded on a flat rate basis, priced according to product. (see product descriptions below.)  Flat rate meaning we will load your truck or trailer with all it can carry. There is no minimum purchase required on delivered loads.
Construction Sand - OUT OF STOCK

Construction sand. Commonly used for pavers, backfill, and construction projects.

Pickup Truck Flat Rate: $40

White Playground Sand - $29/ton

Our premium white playground sand is simply the best! It's delivered daily from the beaches of Florida... well, okay not quite, but it certainly feels that way! Your kids will love it. 

Pickup Truck Flat Rate: $60

Compost - $30

This product is composted organic matter coming from wood chips, grass clippings, leaves and manure. It's a great soil additive to help retain moisture and increase nutrients.

Pickup Truck Flat Rate: $40

Soil Prep - $30

All-around soil prep and conditioner.

Pickup Truck Flat Rate: $40

Mulch - $19

Natural mulch, in fine, medium, or coarse sizes. NOTE: for pickup, only medium mulch is available. All sizes are available for delivery. 

Pickup Truck Flat Rate: $40

Colored Mulch - $48


$50 minimum charge 

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