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Disposal & Recycling loads vary in price according to size & are not taxed
SM = Trailer / Bobtail    MED = Dump Truck   
LG = Truck & Pup / End Dump / Side Dump XL = Truck & 2 Pups    

Disposal & Recycling

Small Disposal (Single-Axle trailer or Pick-up Truck)

All pick-up trucks and single axle trailer disposals are a standard $10 fee.

This is intended for green waste, concrete, asphalt, dirt and rock. Please take loads with trash to the dump.


Additional fee applies to tires and rail road ties ($5 each tire or tie)

Standard Fee: $10


No rocks bigger than a baseball size. No Trash.

SM: $60   MD: $100  LG: $150  XL: $375

Clean Sod/Grubbings

Clean load of either sod OR grubbings.

 SM: $60   MD: $100  LG: $150  XL: Call for pricing.

Clean Concrete:

Clean load of concrete (no organics, rebar, brick, trash)


Clean Asphalt

Clean load of Asphalt (no rebar, wire mesh or fabric)

 SM: $40  MD: $90  LG: $150  XL: Call for pricing.

Concrete with Rebar or Mesh

Concrete containing rebar or mesh

SM: $40   MD: $60  LG: $90  XL: Call for pricing.

Concrete or Asphalt with Fabric

Concrete OR asphalt with fabric (not a mixture of the two)

SM: $80   MD: $180  LG: $270  XL: Call for pricing.

Concrete Washout

MD: $25 if CLEAN, $50 if dirty

Dirty Disposal

Majority (75%) is dirt, concrete, asphalt or green waste.


SM: $80   MD: $225  LG: $340  XL: Call for pricing.

Very Dirty Disposal (construction & demo debris)

Majority (75%) is NOT dirt, concrete, asphalt or green waste.


SM: $100   MD: $260  LG: $390  XL: Call for pricing.

Clean Fill Dirt

Dirt with minimal rocks and green waste. NO DEBRIS.


SM: $25   MD: $50  LG: $75  XL: Call for pricing.

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